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myfreeblack new "Top uploaders" new feature
From hylton1 1 week ago 1421, views

Ok we just roll out with the kinda new feature we had it back in 2010 if anyone remember. anyways
Keep uploading videos, comment and photos to keep top spot.
Top uploaders gets alot of user views to their profile. traffic , new subscribers and friends and more.
Here's how it works keep uploading videos, login your account everyday or time to time to maintain "Top Uploader Possession ". 
Hears how you lose your Top uploder spot. inactive account for over 4 months. will automatic be deactivated to give another active uploader top spot. if you notice your account is gone please contact me with your username to re-activate your account.

New player is ready
From hylton1 2 weeks ago 852, views

Ok so our new player transformation is done. all videos should be playing now old and new. even some videos that never played on mobile is now playing.

This is the blog to report all bugs and issues if you have any if a particular video don't play please report it "FLAG" and i will look into it.  so feedback is most appreciated please leave comment below

Player update
From hylton1 2 weeks ago 586, views

Ok so we have decided to switch back to our original Flash player. because videos are taking longer than usual to convert to MP4. so we will delay the new player till all videos play. so you can go back to enjoying all the videos like before. 

IMPORTANT!! please make sure you update your Flash player to make sure videos play for you. also disable Ads Blocker if you have problems viewing videos. 

MFB New video player
From hylton1 4 weeks ago 2152, views

Sup y'all was just checking in to see if anyone having problem viewing / playing videos?. we have upgrade the player because flash is outdated. please give you're input on the new player.

Some older videos will not play now because of the new player, but no worries. they're converting from FLV over to MP4. this process will be done in the next few days.

so bear with us, all videos will be playing shortly.

Old version was better.
From orlando 1 month ago 697, views

Anybody having trouble watching older videos with this new version? I like the older version better.